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This is a tool for listing and analyzing different moves for your creatures in Pokemon Go (more info at bottom).
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Fast Move


Damage / Energy per Attack
Charge Move(s)



 Special Effect Chance

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(values shown are for Player or Team Rocket Battles.)

[Attack Interaction Grid]
Min.Effect of Special on Attack / DefenseMax.
 50%  57%  66%  80%  100%  125%  150%  175%  200% 

 Showing CP Ranges:  up to 500  501-1500 1501-2500 Over 2500
Name Type CP note Fast Move DPS Charge Move Dam Speed Special Effect chance Ed/Del Sel

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Or you can save differnt file names for different lists of Pokemon, such as ones under 1500CP.txt, etc.
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(If you've done a lot of editing, be safe and keep a backup copy of your file --
unforseen things might go wrong with my jankey coding and corrupt your Database.)

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