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FileSizeDate Modified
File RulesCyclopediaErrata&Companion_v34.txt 436KB Sep 05 2021 02:46:47 AM
File RulesCyclopediaErrata&Companion_v34.html 450KB Sep 05 2021 02:46:36 AM
File RC-Insert-p260-MapKey.gif 44KB Sep 05 2021 02:46:19 AM
File RC-insert-p250-MagicItemCreation.txt 36KB Sep 05 2021 02:46:16 AM
File RC-insert-p249-Artifacts.pdf 5082KB Sep 05 2021 02:46:13 AM
File RC-Insert-p142-Tournaments.txt 9KB Sep 05 2021 02:44:34 AM
File RC-insert-p83-Skills.txt 18KB Sep 05 2021 02:46:26 AM
File RC-Insert-p66-PoleArms.gif 95KB Sep 05 2021 02:46:23 AM
File NewThiefSkills.txt 32KB Sep 05 2021 02:44:30 AM
File Mystic-MartialArts-StyleCards.pdf 33KB Sep 05 2021 02:44:27 AM
File Mystic-MartialArts-StyleCards.gif 23KB Sep 05 2021 02:44:24 AM
File Character-Sheet_front.gif 38KB Sep 05 2021 02:44:21 AM
File Character-Sheet_back.gif 54KB Sep 05 2021 02:44:18 AM

Description of Additional Files

RC-Insert-p260-MapKey.gif - The handy Map Key from the Mentzer Basic Set.
RC-insert-p250-MagicItemCreation.txt - New and improved Magic Item Creation rules.
RC-insert-p249-Artifacts.pdf - Missing Artifact information from the Master's Set.
RC-Insert-p142-Tournaments.txt - The missing Tournament information from the Companion set.
RC-insert-p83-Skills.txt - List of supplemental General Skills from official sources.
RC-Insert-p66-PoleArms.gif - Polearm illustrations from the Master's set.
NewThiefSkills.txt - A complete rewrite and house ruling of the Thief Skills system.
Mystic-MartialArts-StyleCards.gif - Handy, printable reference cards for my Martial Arts styles from the Document.
Mystic-MartialArts-StyleCards.pdf - If you have trouble getting the gif version to print right, try printing this pdf.
Character-Sheet_[front/back].gif - Some old Character Sheets I made.

You can find comments and notes about what was changed in each version of the document, in This Topic.
However, I no longer post at Dragonsfoot; the site became something I no longer want to be part of.

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