TinyVast ChromeCast

I created this page mainly for my own use because I wanted to stream music on my ChromeCast along with some kind of pretty visual stuff on my TV screen. So, I kludged this little page together to load a music channel from SomaFM which will be overlaid with Google's standard backdrop images for ChromeCast, then I use Jimmy Berry's nice Chromecast Dashboard code as a backend to send the result directly to ChromeCast.

This functions much, much better for streaming music than simply TabCasting, because your ChromeCast will handle it all directly (resulting in smoother performance), instead of using your browser and computer resources. You can even close your browser or turn off your computer after starting up the cast.

Note: you will now have to Stop Casting any channel you are playing before you can Cast a different one, due to Google changing their backdrop page so that it completely takes over the Session....